Oprah, Tracy McMillan & the Spirituality of Soup!

ep508-own-sss-tracy-mcmillan-1-949x534This week’s Super Soul Sunday programming on the OWN Network features Tracy McMillan in conversation with Oprah about the spiritual path to relationships. McMillan’s Why You Are Not Married….Yet is one of the most read articles ever on the Huffington Post. Oprah and McMillan talk in depth about honesty with oneself, honesty in relationships and having the courage to say what you want knowing you might lose what you have.

Some of us put relationships at the forefront of most aspects of our lives.  I know I certainly do, especially in my creative work! When building a production team the first consideration is ‘can we work effectively together’. Can we create a working relationship that is going to foster the best of each of us?: In the times I have tried to make the relationship aspect of a project a distant consideration, the process has paid the price.

This is not about looking for approval or a new best friend or romance. This is about laying a foundation of mutual respect that allows a level of communication, question and discovery. The most audacious projects have happened because of the relationships that were established at the onset. Trust that the team will be honest about what is best for the production and faith that we all want the same ‘out of this world’ outcome, is the most solid foundation from which to launch. It’s hard to touch the moon if only one of you really wants to reach it.

The spiritual path to relationships then, is about believing in yourself as you set out on your journey to find your tribe. Who brings out the best in you, and who do you inspire and motivate? Choosing to have relationships that nurture the loving, kind and honest community you want to live in, pretty much makes it so.

Thus, today’s Soup for SuperSoulSunday recipe begins its spiritual path with the tried and true relationship between oil & onions. The 5 minutes it takes to saute the onions in the oil is the basis for many soup recipes – tried and true and simple! And delicious. Thank you Oprah and Tracy – let’s get spiritual with our soup!

(Watch the episode while creating your soup inspiration! 


Broccoli & Parmesan Soup


1/2 onion

1 head broccoli (you can use the stems if you’d like)

Olive Oil (or butter)

2/3 cup grated parmesan (or less, but I like parmesan!)

1/2 cup milk or cream (the higher the fat content the richer tasting the soup)

vegetable or chicken broth

salt & pepper

Let’s Make Some Soup!

1. Cover bottom of soup pot with olive oil

2. Add chopped onion and saute for 5 minutes

3. Add chopped broccoli and stir.

4. Add enough broth to broccoli/onion mix to just cover.

5. Bring to a boil and simmer until broccoli is cooked through. Likely 15 minutes. If you let it simmer with the lid removed, some of the liquid will evaporate, which is good if you don’t want your soup too thin.

6. Add the grated parmesan, stirring as it blends. Bring to a simmer.

7. Add the milk or cream – add more or less dependent upon the creaminess you prefer. Warm it through. Pepper & Salt to taste!

During the cooking process, the broccoli with break down into a mushy consistency. When you add the milk, it beautifully becomes smooth. If you prefer it with no lumps, just let it cool and blend it by a hand emulsifier or in the blender.

This is sooo good!

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