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“February 2013 

The projects and productions that have been nurtered and stoked throughout the winter continue to find an audience….”

Many of you know I have the great pleasure to work with a number of extremely talented creative private clients. Together, we bring their stories to life in whatever genre they desire. In the case of Andrea Nair, the obvious outlet & clear choice is writing.

This month marks the ‘shout out loud’ launch of her most recent work, ‘stripped down running‘. The early accolades are in and are out of this world enthusiastic!  I was the very fortunate ‘editor, artist developer, friend along the way’. Andrea’s first fictional novel is a tale of awakening, as the young heroine struggles to find her place in the world, while her life is continually mired in difficulty and hopelessness. Outwardly, Hannah Friesen appears to have a wonderful life. She is intelligent, funny, adventurous, attractive… but she is far from happy. What shows outwardly masks an inner personal turmoil. The narrative moves along at breakneck speed, as Hannah tries to outrun her past, finding that no amount of distance covered can let her escape what she ultimately must face. Trust me, this is the perfect choice for spring and summer reading!

Although a fictional story, the character and her challenges are inspired by the clients Andrea has worked with in her years as a psychotherapist. All personal elements have been changed of course, but the struggles of this young woman convey very real lessons to the reader about how disconnection can lead to heartbreak and also, how building relationships of value are still possible for those willing to try.

Consider this your invitation to join us at the launch. Seriously, we would love to see you! 

Wednesday April 18 between 7pm – 9:30pm

Fellini Koolini’s at 155 Albert St (upstairs) London, ON Canada

Of extraordinary note: 10% of all book sales to May 31st go to Save Bethesda Centre!

Please drop in, congratulate Andrea, share our excitement, and if inclined, buy a book! Besides at the launch, the book will be available at Oxford Books (new location on Piccadilly near Richmond), through  Andrea’s website and online as an e-reader.

I am delighted and excited to share the news that Canadian author Andrea Nair has just this week, released the revised edition of her hit novel stripped down running. Andrea and I worked on this latest edition last year, and now after the tweaks, final proofs, re-vamping, this newest version is available on-line as an E-Book.  Visit Andrea’s site for a peak and an inexpensive preview download price of only $5! (The paperback version will be available in late Spring).

While doing research for her Master’s degree, Andrea felt compelled to write a real-life story of resiliency where the reader could both relate to and be inspired by the main character’s journey. The result is this story of Hannah, a woman who seemingly has everything yet finds herself on a path of self-destruction that reveals an inner turmoil that threatens to destroy all she has and is. You will be drawn into Hannah’s story as stripped down running takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately personal acceptance.

The official Canadian Launch of the paperback and E-Book will be in April 2012; the New York Launch will be in the later spring. Check back here for more details – and I will be sure to announce on all the social media options at my disposal!