Gord Downie. Land and Sea. Poetry and Music.

Canadians possess a fierce pride of identity. One vital thread of our complex cultural history is so young that we can reach back and be within a generation or two of touching those pioneers who, along with the First Nations strong voices before them, helped forge our identity. And from those markers we can draw a… Continue reading Gord Downie. Land and Sea. Poetry and Music.


Feeling the Love in South Carolina!

On one of May's enviously sunny day's shortly after following her heart to South Carolina, a certain Willow  - or was it Poppy - strolled into a warm, funky, artist inspired shoe salon. And the rest, as they say, is history! Talloni, a Shoe Salon, is a cornerstone of Greer South Carolina's downtown - and now it carries… Continue reading Feeling the Love in South Carolina!

We’re Bach!

As Founding & Executive Producer for this fabulous Canadian summer music festival, I am pleased to share this latest release from the Bach Music Festival of Canada! We’re Bach! 2013 Season Announcement! As promised at the end of our 2011 sell-out season when we announced ‘We’ll be Bach….!’indeed the Festival has returned! The Bach Music Festival of… Continue reading We’re Bach!