Love is In the Air

Love is in the air' as wedding season is about to get real! Perhaps it is this mix that is making me a tad nostalgic.



Home grown superheroes are those whose actions improve the life of one person, the community, the world. While not likely hit by lightening, bitten by a spider or hurled to earth from a far distant galaxy, the home grown superhero has some other motivation to act with consideration of others. They inspire, nurture and build… Continue reading SUPERHERO PROJECT!

Heroines of the Sexual Gothic

"a hilarious, profound and subverting evening of prose and song from among the best!" - Dave Bidini, Bidiniband, the Rheostatics, Author of 11 Books, National Post columnist, and all around great guy! A catchy title isn't it? It can conjure various emotions, heavily influenced by our personal experiences. Some of us will focus on 'heroines',… Continue reading Heroines of the Sexual Gothic

Official Welcome Reception

The Bach Music Festival of Canada team continued to do what it came to the 2012 JUNOs Awards to do - celebrate the efforts of Canadian contemporary Classical musicians and to introduce the Festival to the nation's best.  To say we accomplished this, may be a bit of an understatement. For sheer enthusiasm, warmth and… Continue reading Official Welcome Reception

2012 JUNO Awards – Let the Games Begin!

What an exciting time to be in Ottawa Canada for the 2012 JUNO Awards! Artistic Director Gerald Fagan and I arrived by VIA train, the Official Train of the JUNOs, Friday evening, in time to check into the Lord Elgin Hotel, one of the Official Hotels of the JUNOs ( are you noticing a trend here?)… Continue reading 2012 JUNO Awards – Let the Games Begin!