Ada3aConsidered the founder of scientific computing, Ada Lovelace continues to inspire through what I refer to as her ‘poetry of numbers‘. The daughter of the famously troubled poet Lord Byron and mathematics loving Annabella Milbanke, Ada was raised with a strict sciences and math only education. Annabella separated from Lord Byron shortly after Ada was born, fearing his influence on their daughter would be detrimental. Ada‘s artistic nature however would not be contained as she channeled her creative impulses to mathematics. And so the world was gifted with her extraordinary vision of numbers as she dreamed of inventions and machines, conjuring methods of calculations which resulted in the Analytical Machine.

Composer Kim Sherman, Librettist Margaret Vandenburg, Director Lisa Rothe, Music Director Kimberly Grigsby, and myself as Development Producer, are deeply engaged by her story.   How do we conjure and envision as Ada did? What creative genre could most fully explore the epic mind that is Ada? So we begin: conversations, research, first drafts, edits, read throughs, second drafts, edits, workshops, more conversations. And we are deep in it. Until at last, ADA the Opera, a glorious delicious complex study of an extraordinary life, is becoming a reality. Dear Kim Sherman has left the comforts of her inspiring New York City studio for the serene setting of the Banff Centre for the Arts in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada, sequestered for an entire month as she develops the  score for our ADA. The orchestration and instrumentation of a work this size is a huge undertaking as each music voice supports the other, themes weave, math and music dance on the page.  Continually searching for Ada, drawing upon her essence in the crafting of each phrase.

We will  update on ADA‘s progress as we build to our first production. The process of creating partnerships, fundraising and production development continues and we are always interested in adding to our network. So please don’t hesitate to contact us, keep checking here for ADA updates, and in the meantime, enjoy this view from Kim’s studio at Banff.

Rocky MountainsLearn more about our ADA the Opera team here:

Kim Sherman ( Margaret Vandenburg ( Lisa Rothe ( Kimberly Grigsby ( Louise Fagan (

Ada Byron, Duchess of Lovelace. Daughter of Anne Isabella Byron and Lord Byron. She’s brilliant and imaginative, with an insatiable curiousity for numbers, an ability to phrase equations that is, well, poetic. She’s our kind of girl. And she is finally getting her due on her 197th birthday!

It is thrilling to have joined the phenomenal production team of Composer Kim Sherman, Librettist Margaret Vandeburg, Director Lisa Rothe, Music Director Kim Grigsby to bring this story to life. Music, math, family tragedy, social expectations, inventions and madness all conspire in the telling of this story. Two important workshops have occurred in New York and the intrepid Kim Sherman is busy with re-writes and orchestrations – ADA would be proud! More information will be posted regarding the next phases of development. There are many and they are exciting!

So today on her  197th birthday I am joining GOOGLE in celebrating the Founder of Scientific Computing, ADA LOVELACE!