The Uncharted Mystical!

Authors Shelly Siskind's and Gerbrig Berman's recent book collaboration stokes the ego to push past self-imposed borders and open yourself to the possibilities of living 'to the full range of your potential'. Sigh.  There are mornings as I sit at my computer my mind drifts to that time when I impetuously, courageously would leap into… Continue reading The Uncharted Mystical!

Introducing Life-ology!

Check out the newest section on this site - Life-ology, an alternative view of your future! Life-ology for January 21, 2013 Congratulations on your arrival in mid-January! This week will be one of discovery as you find yourself moving forward with your goals with a renewed determination. Where is it that you want you to be? What do… Continue reading Introducing Life-ology!