Ada Byron, Duchess of Lovelace. Daughter of Anne Isabella Byron and Lord Byron. She’s brilliant and imaginative, with an insatiable curiousity for numbers, an ability to phrase equations that is, well, poetic. She’s our kind of girl. And she is finally getting her due on her 197th birthday!

It is thrilling to have joined the phenomenal production team of Composer Kim Sherman, Librettist Margaret Vandeburg, Director Lisa Rothe, Music Director Kim Grigsby to bring this story to life. Music, math, family tragedy, social expectations, inventions and madness all conspire in the telling of this story. Two important workshops have occurred in New York and the intrepid Kim Sherman is busy with re-writes and orchestrations – ADA would be proud! More information will be posted regarding the next phases of development. There are many and they are exciting!

So today on her  197th birthday I am joining GOOGLE in celebrating the Founder of Scientific Computing, ADA LOVELACE!