In Good Company

Today marks 10 years since the 2nd In Good Company Festival. The first In Good Company Festival held in 2007 celebrated the contributions of women in the arts. In 2008, In Good Company returned to celebrate the creative contributions of immigrants to the cultural landscape. Both Festivals highlighted the past achievements and early 'pioneering' spirit… Continue reading In Good Company


GOOGLE’S Tribute to ADA – Timing is everything!

Ada Byron, Duchess of Lovelace. Daughter of Anne Isabella Byron and Lord Byron. She's brilliant and imaginative, with an insatiable curiousity for numbers, an ability to phrase equations that is, well, poetic. She's our kind of girl. And she is finally getting her due on her 197th birthday! It is thrilling to have joined the… Continue reading GOOGLE’S Tribute to ADA – Timing is everything!