A Ticket For the Sisters!

Our initiative to 'Buy Your Sister a Ticket' for our upcoming show Heroines of the Sexual Gothic was sparked in a conversation with Kimberley Young Milani (Brescia University College). How could we make our presentation accessible to as many people as possible? The Sister Ticket idea is simple: when you purchase your ticket online you… Continue reading A Ticket For the Sisters!


Prose, Music, Self, Humour, Conversation

If you liked the Vagina Monologues, you will LOVE Heroines! "Heroines discussions about women conforming to the smallness that society expects, for me, hearkens back to the conversations we were having when The Vagina Monologues were presented for the first time in London 10 - 15 years ago. How do we fit? What if we… Continue reading Prose, Music, Self, Humour, Conversation

Heroines of the Sexual Gothic

"a hilarious, profound and subverting evening of prose and song from among the best!" - Dave Bidini, Bidiniband, the Rheostatics, Author of 11 Books, National Post columnist, and all around great guy! A catchy title isn't it? It can conjure various emotions, heavily influenced by our personal experiences. Some of us will focus on 'heroines',… Continue reading Heroines of the Sexual Gothic