A Ticket For the Sisters!

Our initiative to ‘Buy Your Sister a Ticket’ for our upcoming show Heroines of the Sexual Gothic was sparked in a conversation with Kimberley Young Milani (Brescia University College). How could we make our presentation accessible to as many people as possible?

The Sister Ticket idea is simple: when you purchase your ticket online you have the option to purchase a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th…)at a reduced rate. These extra tickets are then distributed through the tremendous community organizations that work directly with women who are facing personal challenges.

The ‘Buy Your Sister a Ticket’ really hit the mark with our advance ticket purchasers! Also, I have heard from a colleague in New York City who is adopting this idea for her upcoming productions – her words ‘ this is brilliant… can I copy you? I am adding this to my shows and recommending it to my contacts!‘.

There is still time for you to participate. Even if you, sadly, cannot make it to our show perhaps you would assist someone else from this community to attend?

To purchase an online ticket please visit http://www.thecircle.ca  or http://www.brescia.uwo.ca/thecircle/events/the_sophia_series.html

Thursday May 2nd 8pm Brescia University College, London Ontario Canada!


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