Celebrity Jeopardy! Love that SNL skit and I was looking for a  title for this post. Originally I had – October! Not quite as catchy. This post really is about October. My favourite month – a shedding, a leaving, a releasing happens every year at this time. Folks around me are serious and busy. New projects and frontiers are opening. Life is continuing to evolve as it will. And there have been changes. No surprise there!

I have updated my site, specifically in the Today’s Big Plans section. I am grateful to be collaborating on the phenomenal projects and productions listed. Each has its own team of dynamic people, creative and engaged. Just as I like it! There are a few more yet to be announced and I can’t wait to share. I love hearing from you, so thank you for sending me emails as well as commenting on the posts.

Arms wide open singing ‘AHHHH’ in my most operatic mezzo-soprano voice!



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