The Unexpected Bach Festival Wish List!

The Bach Festival of Canada has always stated  ”Bach is where our story begins….” which leaves room for all the musicians, genres, modes of expression inspired by Bach and his genius! Our 2011 Season was a testament to this with a range of concerts and masterclasses, and our 2013 Season will continue the building of a Festival whose roots are entrenched in Bach while branching out to see where his music has led musicians since his time. Improvisation especially continues to intrigue classical, jazz, world and contemporary music explorers!

As we are on the cusp of the New Year it is time to shout intentions out to the universe. This includes the hopes and dreams of the Bach Festival. With 2013 considered the luckiest of years!!,  what better year than to begin this tradition. The wish list of artists to be a part of future Festivals will continue for the entire year – this list will surprise you, which is exactly our intention!

So, here is the first on the Bach Music Festival of Canada Wish List for future Festivals: The Red Bull Flying Bach Steps – how Bach has inspired this group is astounding!


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