Momoires – memoires about Motherhood

Momoires is what I affectionately call stories about motherhood.

Your mother, a friend’s mother, Marsha Brady’s, Rudy Huxtable’s and Lisa Simpson’s mothers, or maybe you as mother to your own brood inspire an endless number of stories about motherhood. One of Canada’s most acclaimed writers has motherhood at the heart of her work. The newest member of the Nobel Laureate clique, Alice Munro, writes about life, family, home and relationships elevating the ordinary and mundane to the epic. Go Alice Go!

Many of the writers who sign up for my workshops want to write Momoires. Stories of reflection, exploration, rambling and ranting. If you have a Momoire,  I highly recommend you check out a new writing contest. The online Yummy Mummy Club created by Erica Ehm is running a story contest asking ‘what surprised you most about motherhood?'(With cold hard cash prizes too!) I can’t wait to read the stories that will reflect the dynamic changes that continue for Moms – surely as diverse as the landscape the stories will be set in!

There are many online forums offering community support for writers. Use your favourite search engine to source them. I will be announcing soon a joint project in development with a writing colleague that explores family relationships – stayed tuned for this original Momoires series announcement!

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