Welcome to Life-ology! Predicting the future, daily horoscopes, astrology sites, promise sneak peeks into how our day will turn out. Have you found after reading as one horoscope told me ‘today would be a very good day to avoid contact with most people, as a matter of fact, just stay in bed’ that you careen towards that outcome? A bad day ahead and you feel a tad gloomy, or if you are told it is coming up roses, you feel lighter? Suggestion is powerful. I think most of us read  horoscopes  for assurance, an indication that everything is going to be alright.

I have decided to take some of that powerful suggestive energy and put it to this site. Life-ology, the alternative astrology site! When the spirit moves me a new Life-ology prediction, based on the careful interpretation of the signs around me, will be posted. Here we go!

Life-ology for April 2016

The signs have been read and the meaning is clear: Today is the perfect to sit where ever you are and enjoy the view. Step out into the world, take a deep breath, look up…way up… and welcome the glorious beauty in.

Life-ology for March 2016

Sometimes it is all said in a picture. This could be a film set, a lush painting, gorgeous digital ‘other world’…it is my favourite park in the downtown area of a small town in North America. Really it could be ‘anywhere USA or anywhere Canada’. Cool shade, paths steeped in history, gates leading to storied caves, sigh. It has been a very trying week for our continent. The images could also be ‘anywhere USA or anywhere Canada’. It’s hard not stay in front of the TV. Experiencing the horror in real time.  Life-ology today is the suggestion that for a moment at least, go to that personal place that gives you pause, where you can find some quiet, peace, reflection. img_20120502_120428.jpg

Life-ology for February 2016

After last week’s Life-ology weather report I think we were all assuming things would settle but the fronts continue to push extreme cold or extreme heat – dependent upon where you live on this planet. This is serious stuff. The weather patterns are indicative of some crazy climate re-wiring taking place – which just adds to the anxiety or pressures we are already feeling the weight of. So what’s a girl to do?

Sometimes there isn’t anything to be done, but just chill. Maybe you can’t do anything to fix this problem today, or maybe your efforts are taking longer than you had hoped. Perhaps you aren’t sure what the heck to do to, after all one soul facing a raging storm can be overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. I’ve been listening to this song alot lately. It is one of my FAVES!! The blues with smokey male vocals, sparse electric guitar, fantastic female vocal line, and strings –  yes strings! Listen to how they start the piece and the resurface again midsong. Love it!

But the best part of this song is its message – when you become so focussed with your own ideology a self-righteous alienation occurs. Just chill baby, chill.  Here is my Life-ology fortune cookie* for you this week, in the form of a song by the Mighty Sam McClain ‘Too Much Jesus (Not Enough Whiskey)‘. I wish I’d thought of it!

* Yes, I realize this isn’t a fortune cookie, but honestly, when was the last time your fortune cookie actually told your fortune!

Life-ology for January 2016

Rain, thunder, lightening, wind and fog sum up the weather of the past few days, unsettling in January. Typically this time of year is one of change, when we have strong urges to renew,  edit and alter. Lots of work to be done in the hibernating months, which makes sense as it is in the dark and quiet that rebirth happens – like in the earth as seeds prepare for spring, in the womb during gestation and even in our times of grief as we move through to happier days. It can feel as if emotionally we are in the midst of a weird unseasonal fogstorm.

To get this weeks Life-ology forecast, I drove through that foggy rain, home just in time for the thunder/lightening show resulting in a torrential downpour. So what does all this mean? Are these eerie weather patterns actually signs that I should be paying attention to? Is fog a metaphor for my need for clarity? Does the sudden appearance of thunder and lightening mean that turmoil is afoot? After much deliberation, mulling over of recent life events, an honest assessment of where I am in my own personal re-edit, I’ve realized that, nope, it doesn’t mean anything. Except it’s a great day to sit in front of the fire. Stuff’s gonna happen and while I really don’t like fog, I actually do quite like thunder/lightening.   Which is good to remember. Perhaps we don’t need to take ourselves quite so seriously. Maybe this week rain is just rain, even if it is in January.

Life-ology for January 2, 2016

Congratulations on your arrival in mid-January! This week will be one of discovery as you find yourself moving forward with your goals with a renewed determination. Where is it that you want you to be? What do you want to be doing with your life? Now is the time to go for it!

This week shows the steps taken last year, whether they were leaps or baby steps, have moved you closer to your goals than you could have imagined. Where were you 6 months ago? 3 months? 3 weeks?  The options for this week will be to continue to steadfastly walk your path while living fully in THIS moment. How do we reconcile moving forward and standing still at the same time? This uses both the heart and the mind.  It is about being mindful of the life you are living, making the choices in this moment that will create the life you want to live.

The path may not be straight and you may stumble but don’t be hard on yourself. If you are making the best choices you can with what you know, then that is all you can expect of yourself. Whether it is sunny or grey where you are, this week looks bright so shine on!

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