Pencil, Pen, Ink & Blood


“I was working on one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.” Oscar Wilde

If you have a story, love to write, love the idea of writing, or wish you knew where to start, how to keep moving or when to stop, then you should join our Writing Workshop. Spend an evening or a day with kindred creative people who scribble, jot, type, eat, mull, procrastinate and then eat again, all for the sake of the story. Whether you are just beginning or you are well into your work, a few hours in an artistically nurturing and stimulating environment can do wonders for your personal creativity!

This is about writing your heart out, in your own unique voice, telling the story you’ve held, writing the poem, novel or memoir that has patiently percolated waiting for your attention. Structure, voice, dramatic arc, strategic advice, small hurdles or the big picture, we will cover what you need.

And thank you to those who have recently worked with me for these very kind comments:

Your workshops are so wondrous and so helpful.
Thank you so much….you really did get me going again…. giving form and direction, and encouragementwords cannot
express my gratitude!”
They were two transforming Wednesday evenings. You made me feel ‘I can do it’. Now to get back to working on it….LOVE and gratitude”
I wanted to express how much I appreciated the openness and honesty of the workshop. I had never done anything quite like it before and was definitely not sure what to expect, but I was impressed”


Now Accepting Writers for Private Sessions 

There are openings in my private studio for coaching, encouragement, editing and creative conversation. These sessions are available by Skype, Online and when possible, in person. Message me for details!

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year in Canada and the United States. Previous locations include the 92nd St Y (New York); The Circle, Brescia University College (Western University, Canada); Wise Women Events (Various, Canada). I also offer private tutoring in person and on skype.

Our October Workshops have finished and I would like to thank the wonderful writers who attended! Both sessions were highlighted by the range of ideas, talents, personal drive and engagement from each participant. Thank you all for being so attentive, generous and thoughtful throughout the process.

Enrolment and Inquiries:


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  1. I’m on story 3… one a day as requested. There is no sequence to the stories; not required. There is no editing going on; not required. There is still a reluctance to start the writing since I know there will be a reluctance to stop. The timer has been helpful though; I know that I can stop at the end of the twenty minute ding, or I can go on for another twenty minutes if I wish. And I wish. This writing thing is fun again.

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