Private Studio

My studio is opening spaces for private creative conversations! If you are beginning a musical work, in the middle of a story, not sure how to end a script, or are looking for some guidance with your artistic work in progress, there is nothing like a ‘comrade in arms’ to champion your work while providing meaningful support.


The past writers’ workshops were extremely well received with requests for private tutoring. While I have offered these on a limited basis in the past, I am so excited to have the space for expansion over these next few months. And what better time to cocoon with a creative project then through the long days of summer!

Private tutorials are held on Skype or Google Chat. These one hour sessions focus on your specific work and strategise moving your projects forward.  It can be detailed editing or general discussion – often it is both. Writers, musicians, creative explorers are welcome!

Message me for details and we can discuss your work further.

Creativity Lives Here!

Arms wide open singing 'AHHHH' in my most operatic mezzo-soprano voice!
Arms wide open singing ‘AHHHH’ in my most operatic mezzo-soprano voice!

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