Past Productions

I sing the body electric

Burn with the fire of ten million stars…


Determined to Rise – Creator/Producer – Multi-Discipline Performance – THEATRE

-featuring Katherine Goble Moore and Joylette Goble Hylick, daughters of NASA/Hidden Figures scientist Katherine Johnson, with Meisha Adderley, Mary Thomas, Susan Lea, Tammy Hoy Hawkins, & Emerald Dover. Directed by Valerie Barnet

Spartanburg’s Got Sparkle – Producer, for Mental Fitness Inc – MUSIC


Bach Music Festival of Canada – Consulting Producer – FESTIVAL


Revelations – Conceived & Produced – THEATRE

-multi-discipline performance telling stories of the women of the Upstate of South  – Carolina through poetry, song, spoken word, dance.


Northern Daughter – Director, Co-Writer with Donna Creighton – THEATRE



Dream Life of Teresa Harris (Premiere) – as Director  – THEATRE

Bach Music Festival of Canada  – as Executive Producer – FESTIVAL

Heroines of the Sexual Gothic (Premiere) – as Director & Co-Producer – THEATRE

ADA (Development) – as Creative Producer – OPERA

Thief Moods in D – as Creative Friend Along the Way – MUSIC RECORDING


Canadian Urban Forest Conference  – as Conference Producer – EVENT

Donna Back From the Dead Tour – as Vocalist – MUSIC

Heroines of the Sexual Gothic (Development & Workshop) – as Director – THEATRE

ADA (Development) – as Producer – OPERA

 Developing Your Story  (Workshop) – as Instructor – WRITING DEVELOPMENT

Bitchfest! (Workshop) – as Guest Speaker – STORY DEVELOPMENT

The Art of Telling your Story (Lecture) – as Guest Speaker – STORY DEVELOPMENT

Northern Daughter – as Producer – STUDIO RECORDING

JUNO Awards – as Judge – MUSIC


Bach Music Festival of Canada – as Executive Producer – FESTIVAL

Developing Your Story  (Workshop) – as Instructor – WRITING DEVELOPMENT

How to Tell Your Story (Lecture) – as Guest Speaker – STORY DEVELOPMENT

JUNO Awards – as Judge – MUSIC

2006 – 2010  – Select Credits

Inspiring A Dream (Olympic Athlete Celebration) -Producer – LARGE SCALE PRODUCTION

Olympic Torch Relay  – Director and Producer – OUTDOOR LARGE EVENT

Goodnight Angel (Founder & Executive Director) – CHARITY

Under An African Sky (Producer & Director) – LARGE SCALE PRODUCTION

Father’s Touch (Producer & Director) – SHORT FILM

Hearts Made Great – (Director) – MUSIC AND STAGE PRODUCTION

In Good Company (Producer and Creative Director) – FESTIVAL AND RECORDING

The Trilogy -Festival of One Woman Shows (Producer & Director) – THEATRE

Jazzabel (Producer & Director) -THEATRE

The Shimmering Verge (Producer and Director) -THEATRE

Nona (Producer & Director) -THEATRE


I sing the Body Electric

The armies of those I love engirth me, and I engirth them

They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,

And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the Soul

(Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass)

Sing the Body Electric

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